Welcome to Sip of Europe

Hi! My name is Yulia and I am in charge of fun pop ups in New York city on behalf of my business Sip of Europe®!

I am planning to host tastings of my delicious dessert ZefirChic®. The first tasting is going to happen at one of the hot and trending restaurants on Stone street in Financial District of New York.

As a Sip of Europe® cafe owner I hosted 3 successful Yelp Elite Events

1) Yelp’s Taste, Savor, and Sip of Europe 2016

2) Yelp’s Adventurous Dinner Party 2018

3) Yelp Savors The Flavors From Beyond The Pond 2019

Brief history of Sip of Europe:

I opened up a coffee cart in May 25th 2015 in Old Orchard Beach Maine;

then catered for Martin’s Point Health Care in October 2015.

Permanent Cafe opened on the 26th of March 2016. It has been licensed as food establishment with dining, got wholesale bakery license, wine license.

In 2018 my cafe won the last Portland Phoenix awards ceremony for best crepes.

Not only I was making regular crepes and the ones with flavored batter chocolate, dill & onion) but I was also making crepe cakes, cakes and desserts. I even sold a few crepe cakes in the heart of Boston!

I started my BIG PROJECT in 2017 by creating handmade desserts called ZefirChic®. After it was proven to be shelf stable I applied for a few trademarks and was granted those in the USA (ZefirChic®, Low in calories, high in happiness!®, ZefirChic Rose®) and Canada (ZefirChic®).

Not only I was offering my dessert to locals but I also arranged a pop up in New York, went to a Fancy Food Show to see the competition, hosted an event in Westbrook Maine.

In 2020 I got lucky to be invited to an online streaming “Tea With Gary Vee”. Gary Vaynerchuk is one of my favorite entrepreneurs and his background allowed him to appreciate my efforts to promote my dessert.

Due to the lease termination I closed café on the day when it turned 4 years 4 months maintaining 5* out of 5* stars as a hospitality & food & beverage business. 5 main review platforms have been keeping such a high rating: Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, UberEats, Square.