ZefirChic Trademarks (Chic Zefir IP)

Intellectual property is a thing even though lots of people think it is a scary tale and do not take it into consideration.

I think whenever the company has Intellectual property, it should protect it. Normally that is the exact way it happens.

Here are the reasons why:
🍭To protect a consumer. The product should be safe for consumption, should be approved, should pass the needed quality tests. Moreover, it should be predictable, made the same way as it was presented to the public. These things minimize the risk of consumer.
🍭To protect the brand. Brands are not normally created overnight, they require a lot of preparation work, systems in place, continuous education of the personnel, finances. The forgeries might not only be dangerous but could also harm the company-creator which is obviously a bad outcome from company’s perspective.
🍭To create more financial streams of income. If the products or services were created or developed to bring money, than it should make money! If the company is so popular and well loved by consumers who are begging to have the products and services from beyond their reach, than the owner of intellectual capital can agree to license it. Think of franchising as a visual representation of such a partnership.

I’ve got 3 trademarks so far and 2 more are in progress (they take some time, normally about a year or so). I might tell more things about trademarks on my other Instagram page @yulia_sip_of_europe Welcome there!


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