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Cafe “Sip of Europe” is mentioned in the following articles:

  1. Blog “A Happy Tummy, A raised heart rate and beauty in the everyday” By Katrina V. 04/02/2016
  2. Portland Press Herald, 04/06/2016
  3. Maine Today
  4. Portland Magazine 04/28/2016
  5. Yelp’s Official Blog 10/26/16
  6. Pictures of the Event “Yelp’s Taste, Savor, and Sip of Europe”
  7. Yelp page of the Event
  8. Blog Visit Me in Maine 11/21/2016
  9. Up Portland (pages 12-13) February 2017
  10. Local channel WMTW
  11. Up Portland (pages 12-13, while talking about Ramen Suzukia)
  12. Maine Today
  13. Yelp blog
  14. Yum Yum A Pittsburger’s Blog
  15. The Portland Phoenix Awards
  16. The Best Place to Eat Crepes in Every State
  17. Yelp page of the Russian Dinner
  18. Yelp blog page about Russian dinner event
  19. Portland Maine best drinks list for 2018 created by Eat Drink Lucky, sharing best coffee, cocktails, juices, hot chocolate.




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