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Hello and WELCOME to Sip of Europe, a European & Russian experience located in the food capital of Maine, run by me, Yulia.

I am known for different giveaways, loyalty cards, free events. My well-known “Meal for 2” is a one-of-a kind value-for-money deal that offers 2 drinks and 3 loaded crepes for only $19.99! During weekend your check for the same order will range somewhere between 28-34$.

I really love celebrating all of my personal and business achievements. September is my birthday month (celebrating turning 28 on the 10th of September) and café is turning 3.5 years old with raving reviews (5* out of 5* on Facebook, Yelp, Tripadvisor and Square; 4.8* on Google). For that reason, I came up with special offer that will last till the end of 2019 for dine In orders!!!

  • 35$ for CREPE PASS  – 50% off on food and drinks with your dine-in crepe order! Discount will not cover Meal for 2 and the Super Low prices on Thursday.
  • 45$ for CREPE PASS PLUS – 50% off on food and drinks and special deals  with your dine-in crepe order! Yes, it will cut the Meal for 2 price in half!

Go through the Menu, do the math, count how much will you save with any of the deals. Read the reviews! Take your time to consider whether to invest in your dining or not!

Get your crepe card while the deal is on! The earlier you get it, the more you can save! You got one? Get another one as a present for your friend, relative, colleague that you really like! Hurry! The number of crepe passes are limited and this sweet deal might be closed for new applicants if all the passes sell out!

You could buy the crepe pass while dining and use it for your current order! Pay online through these buttons!

Choose the range of your pass
Name of the recipient

If the crepe passes are sold out, you can still purchase them at the cafe!

The CREPE PASS will work for pass holder (person whose name is on crepe pass) and cover 5 dine-in crepe orders. You get the discount for any amount of drinks as long as you have at least one crepe in your order. That means you can easily get Meal for 2 and add 2 crepes to that. Trust me, you will be super full! The average amount per person is 1.5 crepe.

Attention: Your pass will be emailed to you within 24 hours after purchase.

All sales are final, upgrade to a Crepe Pass Plus and refunds will not be provided. Prices for the passes offered at café may change at any time.

Expectations& reality

All my regular guests are very familiar with the way of getting the orders as well as those travelers who read the reviews attentively prior to visiting and get the idea about Sip of Europe’s operation.

The sequence of orders is: first come, first serve.

Due to the setup of the kitchen and preparation process each order takes about 4-6 minutes and only 2 people could be served at the time.

Most comfortable and efficient amount of diners has always been up to 3 people. 2-3 diners per table is the best way to enjoy yourself as the ingredients are cut fresh for the orders and there are just 2 griddles and 2 hands to prepare and bring the dishes.

If there is a wait time, I will tell you about it upon entrance.

Wait time could be also caused by current food delivery orders. I get those orders through the apps so you don’t necessarily hear them. I work with 2dinein and Uber eats, since I’ve started delivering crepes through them, I made and distributed over 2000 crepes by now!

The crepe pass does not provide a priority to the order just like any other deal: first come, first serve.


Starting from September the schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, Thursday 10-8; Wednesday, Friday 10-4; Saturday, Sunday 8-4.

Cafe will be closed for vacation 6th-21st of October.

Also, after returning, the hours might be reduced by 6-10 hours a week, in November & December cafe might be closed for a week due to my other projects. To learn more, make sure you are following my blog on Instagram! @yulia_sip_of_europe

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