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My recommendations

I know most of the owners of the businesses listed below and would say that they take a great pride in the product they serve. You feel their hard work, love and creativity through their creations.

If for any reason you were not impressed there once, please, give yourself another chance and visit again!

I still haven’t visited so many places so if you don’t see your favorite place, I probably haven’t been there.

The @ stands for their Instagram account

I try to stay updated with the awesome website Portland food map, the truly “definitive guide to Portland’s food scene”!

Neighbors of Sip of Europe:


More than breakfast neighbors


Neighbors or almost neighbors:

Not neighbors:

 Middle East:

  • @baharat_portland – the “all in sharing plate”
  • Babylon – evening unlimited buffet (tried on Friday’s night)


Carts, trucks, mobile vendors:

Japanese, Vietnamese:


Bottled drinks:

Coffee milk – Rocket Fuel,

Natural lemonades –Drink4Pure,

Maine Mead – Maine Mead Work


Saco –Martel’s Ice Cream

Biddeford – @Sweetcreamdairy

Other treats



Lawyers – Opticliff Law
Printing – CyberCopy
 Hair Salon Lavender

My neighboring Antiquarian and used book store located in Portland –  Carlson & Turner Antiquarian

I use business account on Amazon a lot for my business purchases

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Place of European coffee and delicious desserts