Innovation & renovation. What do Matryoshka doll and ZefirChic have in common?

Ask any foreigner about a famous Russian souvenir and “Baby’shka” (their version of a correct name for Matryoshka doll) will definitely be in their top 5!

Funny enough but this Russian souvenir was created in 1890 and It became well known after the French World Exhibition in Paris in 1900.

It’s prototype was a set of Japanese sage Fukuruma (figures of his students have been put one in another). If you dig in the history, the roots of such an idea could be tracked to China, to India, where the similarly shaped toys or spheres were also well known.

Matryoshka doll was brought to the EXPO as a unique creation of russian craftsmen that would reflect the russian art and history.

So why do the foreigners and the majority of russians truly believe in it’s century-based russian roots? Well, because of the original idea of implementation of russian artists and the way it was introduced to the market.

🍭Now let’s talk about Chic Zefir or ZefirChic as i also call my treat. In 2017 i started making low calorie desserts, including cakes and sweet treats and learned the recipe of a simple form of Zefir, a treat well known in Russia. Apple, strawberry scents were surrounding me in my dessert alteration experience.

I started developing my own versions of this treat, the forms, the flavors, the formulas. I sent the samples to the lab and they didn’t pass the shelf-life tests! I was persistent and spent ~a year developing the ratio of ingredients and the processes of creating those airy desserts and i succeeded in my trials! The last tested alteration was proven to be shelf-stable.

While in Russia Зефир is a well known dessert (in it’s only meaning) that you could purchase at any store, here in the USA Zefir or Zephyr covers the following categories:
-high speed trains, cars
-carpet sprays
-vacuum cleaners
-artificial cellulose casing for sausage

ZefirChic®️ was registered in the category of meringue-like desserts in May of 2018 and i have been actively promoting it before that and, of course, after.

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