Learning more about Sip of Europe

🇺🇸Sip of Europe is the name of my cafe that I’ve successfully been running and operating for over 3 years now. It has had reviews 4.95+ on all the possible social platforms, you can even check the evidence in the feed of this account (or ask Siri).

This is not just the name of the business, it is the name of a business project. It started as my idea of creating a home away from home, inspired by my travels in Europe and living in a stunning man-created Russian city St. Petersburg, built to impress and show the best of Europe.

The pictures on the walls are mine (except painted ones and the prints, of course), i took them in my travels and happy to share the stories about those places with my customers.

Just like Peter the Great I am showing my vision to the world through my food and beverage art. I am happy to live in the cosmopolitan era when people all over the world get to know the culture and traditions of other countries and their citizens.

I have been working since 2017 on showing the USA the meringue world, not just the old-fashioned crispy treat (or a cookie as you call it), but the world of Chic Meringues and Chic Zefir. I am very happy to be introducing a reinvented Russian treat which looks as beautiful as it tastes and could have any possible flavor, shape and form. Soon enough it will be everywhere!

The framed board is showing best wishes and compliments from my customers for 1 year birthday of cafe. They still melt my heart when I need support and inspiration during my long work hours on conquering the dessert world 😉

The text slightly faded in some parts but when you look at the real paper you can still see the wishes and compliments!


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