How to spread ZefirChic love?

ZefirChic® is my modern CHIC take on a classic Russian confection called “Зефир”. This is an enhanced, more flavorful and visually advanced product than the traditional version, well known in former Soviet countries. My Chic Zefir that can be molded, shaped, and formed into virtually any design.

When I discovered that even the basic form of dessert was unknown by people, I chose the caressing and chic name for my product respecting the roots of dessert, making it look more delightful, ensuring the taste and the quality and hoping to make it a world biggest food discovery. Since 2017 I’ve been promoting it to the world.

Everyone can easily make it at home, share it with friends and family and spread the love for the product globally. That is why I started working on creating an online course. Be sure to check my personal profile @yulia_sip_of_europe and subscribe – that way you will not miss it!


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