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Gift Card

Thank you for buying the certificates!

For $15 you got the gift certificate that allows you to get 2 drinks and 3 crepes for indoor consumption (so called Meal for 2!)*! You can use it not only during Tu-Fr but also during the WEEKENDs!

* the Meal for 2 rules are still the same: 3 crepes (up to 5 ingredients per crepe) and 2 drinks (excluding wine drinks, unreal hot chocolate and shakes). Crepe flambé adds $3 extra.

The certificate will not be valid at the day of purchase, only one certificate could be used per table. Certificates are non-refundable.

I made this lovely picture of some best-sellers while photo shooting the meals with @portlandoldport . You see
-Super Salmon with dill&onion batter;
– Lemon Power;
– Chocolate dream with banana;
– Strawberry Nutella;
– Mulled wine;
– Unreal hot chocolate with a treat of limited availability ZefirChic®️rose (does not come with the drink)

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