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Gift Card

Interested in getting a gift card for yourself (cause it is money-saving) or your loved ones to enjoy Sip of Europe? Certificates are on sale till the 23rd of December! You can buy them online (you will get them by email) or in person! Details of the certificates are below!

This year for $15 you get the gift certificate that allows you to get 2 drinks and 3 crepes for indoor consumption (so called Meal for 2!)*! You can use it not only during Tu-Fr but also during the WEEKENDs!

* the Meal for 2 rules are still the same: 3 crepes (up to 5 ingredients per crepe) and 2 drinks (excluding wine drinks, unreal hot chocolate and shakes). Crepe flambé adds $3 extra.

The certificate will not be valid at the day of purchase, only one certificate could be used per table. Certificates are non-refundable.

I made this lovely picture of some best-sellers while photo shooting the meals with @portlandoldport . You see
-Super Salmon with dill&onion batter;
– Lemon Power;
– Chocolate dream with banana;
– Strawberry Nutella;
– Mulled wine;
– Unreal hot chocolate with a treat of limited availability ZefirChic®️rose (does not come with the drink)

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