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Enjoy Portland with Sip of Europe!

Where could you go after visiting Sip of Europe?

As Sip of Europe is working from the early morning (6.30am), come there for a cup of aromatic coffee and hot crêpe to boost your energy and mood for a day. Get inspired by pictures!

Sip of Europe (Portland, 229 Congress street) can be easily reached from any popular part of the city or from the highway:

  • 4 minutes by car from the exit of 295
  • 11 minutes on foot from Monument Square, Old Port
  • 11 minutes on foot from Eastern Promenade
  • 15 minutes on foot from the stop of sight-seeing boats, trolleys and etc

Below is the list of the most informational resources about Portland, Maine.

  1. Visit Portland
  2. Tripadvisor 
  3. Virtual tourist

Enjoy every aspect of the city!

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Parks, Nature, Wildlifeparks-in-Portland-maineCruises&Tourscruises-from-portland-maine

2 thoughts on “Enjoy Portland with Sip of Europe!”

  1. Yulia! I am having so much trouble finding the address of Sip of Europe on your web site!

    Where are you? I suggest that you have it on almost every page.


    1. Hi, Bruce! Sorry for not having that information – was not able to get the access to the internet for a long time.
      It is 229 congress street, portland

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