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Crepe Cakes and other cakes!

Sip of Europe welcomes you and your crepe cake cravings!

Ordering a cake from Portland Phoenix award winner in the crepe category is a great way to go if you want to impress yourself and everybody around you!

Cafe has the commercial bakery license which allows making the crepe cakes and any other desserts for my customers and retailers =) It is very exciting!

Cakes are mostly decorated with cream cheese frosting; they could also be gluten-free, everything is discussed!

Each cake is handcrafted and takes about 3-4 hours of assembly and decoration.

Price starts from 65$

2 thoughts on “Crepe Cakes and other cakes!”

  1. I would like to purchase a chocolate crepe cake and would like for it to be made on the 7th of January can you please help me?

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