Sip of Europe cart in Old Orchard Beach

Standing as a little flavor island for tourists in OOB. 2015sipofeuropecartoldorchardbeach

By June 2015 my Sip of Europe cart was already standing well-decorated and catching eyes. Before that I had a huge picture of a sausage on the front display and a blooming onions sign on the top.

In order to enhance my visibility I had two signs as you see, they were clearly visible from the tourist spots such as area around the Pier in Old Orchard. European flags were adding the color, coffee bags on the sides, coffee pictures and boards as well as printed menu with the names of the drinks and prices were completing the great view!

I was not selling food other than some whoopie pies, cream puffs and cheesecake bites. I was fascinated by the success of crepe cart that was standing near me and thinking about combining coffee&crepes in my future endeavors.

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