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About coffee with love

Max Frei about coffee and love

Espresso is life. Bitter but invigorating. The first sip can seem tasteless, but while finishing the cup you always want another. But you often do not have time for another one. espresso-con-panna

Cappuccino  is amorousness. First it is tart, then sweet and easy, and in fact –it is as life itself. But the moments of sweetness and tartness are the best. By the way, you can just eat the foam and leave the coffee, but that comes to mind to very few people. Apparently, it’s all about the combination.

Latte is a dream, espresso, coffee-latte-sip-of-europe diluted with milk hope and foam, remember, right? The same foam, which is in the cappuccino. But no cinnamon,  no astringency, which allows you to feel the moment.

There is also Mocha – coffee with hot chocolate. Mocha is melancholy. Thick and viscous. But even mocha has milk. coffee-mocha-sip-of-europeAnd the sweetness, the one that you will not find in espresso, for example. You will not feel it at once, and every time you will not really understand why would you order the drink. Only then you  remember, at the very moment when it becomes sweet.

Irish coffee is a passion. Somewhere, at the bottom, it has scalding alcohol. You can stir the drink, then you would hardly feel it if the coffee was prepared correctly, of course. But it is still there, and you will still inevitably get drunk. By the way, yeah, the only thing which could be worse than bad espresso is the incorrectly made Irish coffee.

And ristretto. Ristretto  is a death. This is when the whole life  in one gulp. You swallow it, ask for the bill and leave. Usually.

– And love? True love? sipofeuropeespressomacchiato
True love is a coffee that is brewed at home in the morning. Freshly ground, preferably by hand. With cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom. Coffee, next to which we must stand, checking that it does not “run away”, otherwise it will have hopelessly spoiled taste. We need to make sure that the coffee “rose” three times, then pour a spoonful of cold water in the cezve, wait few minutes for the  coffee grounds to settle. Coffee that is poured into an old favorite mug and that you would drink, relishing every sip every day.

© Max Frye, “Coffee Book” (my translation from Russian)

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  1. Normally I do not read post on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very compelled me to take a look at and do it!
    Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thanks, quite nice post.

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