5+ Zefir Chic®️ facts!

🍭I’ve been creating Chic Zefir treats for 2 years now;

🍭The 1st time I made it during the low calorie baking course. I also learned how to make diet cakes, cheesecake, cookies etc;

🍭Before that I’ve tried Zefir in Russia (countries of USSR – are the place of origin) and was never really impressed. There were just 3 colors based on the colorings and a few flavors with artificial flavorings. The form and presentation was always the same- boring, to be exact. When i tried making handcrafted product I was blown away by its beauty and depth of flavor! I immediately considered it to be Chic and claimed the name as Chic Zefir or ZefirChic®️;

🍭I Still haven’t tried handmade Zefir from anyone else as I started making it autonomously when it started becoming a trend in Russia.

🍭As no one was offering even the boring type of Zefir in the USA except the stores that would import it and sell on Amazon with Russian labels (and a dark hair in the box on the picture🙈), and also no one produced it in this country, I decided to take the initiative into my hands. To be sure that product was safe for consumption, I decided to send it to laboratory testing for analysis. I wanted to get proof that it was shelf-stable just like it used to be in Russia.

🍭Well, laboratory shocked me by saying that the product would have to be stored in the fridge with the ingredients and technology i used. I was devastated!

🍭Since then I started working on new technology and new list of ingredients. It took me 1 year, 4 laboratory tests for more than 10 formulas, a few thousands of $ and a few more events! The final recipe was perfect! Without added unnatural preservatives ZefirChic®️ is shelf-stable for more than 80 days! May be 90, may be 100, who knows? Every added day of lab testing costs 100$ extra so i decided to stop testing after 80 days. Plus I have all the proof of recipe development and know that is my creation;

🍭I still haven’t tried the recipes of famous Russian bakers who started sharing their recipes online. Maybe I should? For the sake of experimenting?

Has anything surprised you? Have you tried an old boring classic in the countries of former USA?


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