5 star business as Sip of Europe

This is the 5th year of me and my business Sip of Europe as a 5 𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗼𝗳 𝟱 venture (according to Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Square ratings).

In the USA it is easier for people to express their opinions about something they dislike about their experience rather than to spend time on a written compliment to the business. In case of satisfaction from a product or service, people normally keep buying or getting it for as long as they stay pleased. Sometimes they recommend businesses during a small talk with their friends, colleagues, relatives. I appreciate any feedback and I am grateful for the time my customers spend on describing their experience.

Here is my advice on how to be a business with raving reviews.

1) Choose a specialization in your sphere. It is better to cook one dish better than anyone else, giving attention to quality and presentation, than to disperse your attention, resources into several unrelated directions and be mediocre at them. You can always diversify your supply later and people would know what to expect from your future endeavors based on their previous experience!

2) Choose a strategy of your market winning actions. Check if your target audience exists, interact with it. See if your potential customers like the idea, value, implementation of your product. This research might change your product characteristics, your direction, it might even require a change in the image and traits of target audience.

3) It is crucial to learn how to make a product and provide a service before selling it to people. Figure out how to give away free samples, how to collect feedback, how to make a customer interested with your product and its future alterations.

4) Come up with collaborations with those who work in related sectors (beauty industry, event makers, etc.), as well as encourage those who are willing to talk about you (neighbors, bloggers, good friends)

5) Register on review platforms. They build more trust about your business because they aggregate unfiltered unbiased opinions. There you should be taking every opinion seriously and responding to the viewers with respect. Encourage customers to leave feedback and make it available to public through social media.

Which advice do you find helpful? 5 more important parts of the list are coming!


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